Virtual office

Gruppo Ufficio “Virtual Office“, is the solution for all those enterprises and freelance professionals that want to reduce the costs of the structure but, at the same time, want to maintain a high grade of professionalism and competitiveness that will be guaranteed by the assignment of a number with a personalized answer, a prestigious address in Rome where all your correspondence is taken in delivery and also a Multilingual Staff who answers the telephone, according to your instructions all the incoming phone-calls will be duly registered and summarize immediately and assist you in your job.

Virtual Office is strengthened  by the “Follow me” service that allows you to receive your phone calls on your mobile phone or landline. The incoming phone call will be answered by Gruppo Ufficio Staff, giving in this way the idea of an operative office even thought you don’t have a physical office.

In conclusion this service gives you also the possibility to rent a professional and elegant office for half or whole day where  you can meet your clients.

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